Ways to Modernise your Office Design

Without a shadow of a doubt, working in an office space that hasn’t been renovated and updated since the last century doesn’t sound appealing and no one would like to work in such a space. Therefore, companies have to let professionals, like the Rod Johnstone Group, do what they know best and provide you with the best and up-to-date office fitout design.

But, why is having a modern office interior design so important? – The answer is pretty simple. Imagine entering an outdated office and think about what would your first impression be. Certainly, it wouldn’t be a positive one. Furthermore, imagine working in such an environment. Would you feel inspired and productive? – Probably not.

Thus, if you want your clients to have the best possible first impression of your business and if you want your staff to do their best at work, don’t hesitate and contact one of the best office renovation Townsville located companies – the Rod Johnstone Group – and ensure you get a modern and updated office space.

Now, let’s have a look at some ways to modernise your office design:


Needless to say, technology is the first element you should deal with if you want your new office fitout to feel modern and contemporary. You can easily incorporate the latest developments and trends by simply using digital solutions to replace manual tasks.

For example, if your company requires visitors to sign in when entering the company, replace the pen and log book with a gadget which will enable visitors to sign in by simply clicking on a button. And, this is only one of the many situations where you can use technology. Just think of your daily tasks and come up with a digital solution to impress customers.

Similarly, you can transform your normal office into a smart one by controlling lights, temperature, and security with technology. Also, you can include devices and some virtual assistants controlled and activated by voice. The options are endless, just pick your favorite ones and make your new office fitout more efficient and dynamic.

Natural Elements

In general, all outmoded offices look and feel dark, closed off, and dingy. Therefore, if you want your new office fitout to be modernised you have to think of ways to do the opposite and allow sunlight to brighten up your office space. The Australian sunlight is extremely pleasant so why not let it in and open up those enclosed areas?

So, if your budget and the building structure allow you to move walls and partitions, go for it and make the office space more open and breathable. Otherwise, if you simply can’t do so, try adding some greenery in order to get a similar result. By bringing nature inside your office space, you will help your employees boost memory, productivity, and overall health and well-being.

Wall Art

Last but not least, you can modernise your office design by transforming empty wall spaces into pieces of art. Taking a blank wall and transforming it into art is a very creative way to revamp and freshen up your office space. But first, you should think about your brand and the atmosphere you want to create.

In other words, determine if you want your office to feel more energetic and vibrant or calming and soothing. Depending on your preference, you should go for a brightly coloured piece to make your office more dynamic and a landscape or coastal print to make it more relaxing.

To sum up, featuring technology, natural elements, and wall art are only some of the ways to modernise your office design. For further advice and recommendations, get in touch with the Rod Johnstone Group.