Ways to Introduce Nature Into Your Next Office Renovation Project

Has the time for your next office renovation come? If yes, you’d better seek professional help from one of the most experienced and skilled commercial construction and office renovation Townsville-located company – the Rod Johnstone Group.

Their expertise will ensure you don’t get a sterile working environment as the end result. Indeed, they are highly knowledgeable about all the latest office renovation trends, such as introducing nature and making your working space more natural. And, regardless of whether you’re doing a simple office revamp or building an entirely new building, you have plenty of options to choose from.

So, now let’s see how the Rod Johnstone Group can help you introduce nature into your next office renovation project:


Obviously, one of the best and simplest ways to make your working space feel more natural is to include any type of plants into your offices. And, you’re not only going to add a hint of nature to your working space, but you will also help your staff reduce stress and improve productivity thanks to the clean air.

However, you don’t want to go for some high-maintenance indoor plants that require lots of attention on a daily basis. Avoid overwhelming your staff. Instead, choose some long-lasting plants that are easy to thrive. For example, you can choose from the following: succulents, aloe, ivy, cactus, rubber plant, etc.

Fresh Air

One of the biggest mistakes to make when going through an office renovation process is not making the windows easily adjustable. Namely, windows aren’t only for letting the sunlight in, but also for letting fresh air in too. Hence, make sure that you order easily adjustable windows so that your employees can breathe a decent amount of fresh air.

By allowing fresh air to circulate into your offices and working spaces, you will instantly make the office environment a much healthier place for people to spend time in, as opposed to air-conditioned offices only. 

Green Roof

Here’s one option that’s really amazing and ideal for all of the office buildings that have a flat roof. You can easily take advantage of this space and transform it into a natural oasis where your staff can relax and hang out during their breaks.

By adding plants or a veggie herb garden on the top of your building, the roof can become quite a pleasant space to be, rather than a space that serves no purpose at all. Just make sure your workers have easy access to it, and they’ll often enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Natural Light

Last but definitely not least, you can add a hint of nature to your office renovation by letting the amazing sunlight in. Luckily, you can do so quite easily. You just need to ensure that every office and every single working area has sufficient windows.

And, if your layout still leaves some spaces without windows, you can always include some glass or other types of office partitions that will allow the sunlight to reach those places, too. Plus, try to switch off the harsh fluorescent lights during the day and work on daylight only. It really feels far more natural!

Final Thoughts

Hope that you find these ideas interesting and worth including in your next office renovation project. Just don’t forget to call the Rod Johnstone Group and ensure you get the best possible service and result.