How to Cut Costs with Your Office Renovation

Has the time for your next office renovation come? If yes, you are probably feeling a bit stressed out because of the financial aspects. But, don’t worry. Even though it’s worth investing in a professional office renovation, it doesn’t really mean that you have to blow your budget.

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Alternative Office Partition Design Trends

The idea of working in an open plan office may sound appealing, however, it isn’t as practical as it seems. Namely, office partitions are key to creating a productive workplace. So, make sure to include partitions in your next office renovation and enjoy the benefits they offer including increased privacy, reduced noise, improved aesthetics, sun protection, and reduced office renovation budget.

However, if you want to get the most out of office partitions, a well-planned design is essential. The clolours, textures, and materials used for creating these partitions play a huge role in the overall atmosphere. Thus, in order to achieve your goal, get in touch with one of the best and most experienced commercial fitouts company in Townsville and the surrounding area – the Rod Johnston Group. They will help you choose the perfect office partitions which will express your brand successfully.

So, if you want your office renovation to be exquisite, here are some of the most unique and distinctive options for office partitions:

1. Wooden Pallets

The first alternative office partition idea is wooden pallets. Any office space that is divided by walls can easily feel cold and decrease staff’s productivity. On the other side, the raw textures and earthy tones of wooden pallets will add an extra touch and feel and make the office space look more pleasant and attractive. What’s more, wooden pallets are the best option if your company care about the environment because they are eco-friendly. Plus, they aren’t expensive.

2. Plant Walls

Here’s a quite unique and interesting alternative option to office partitions. And, indoor plants have become a growing interior design trend. By using indoor plants to section work areas you will add natural colour and greenery to space. But, that’s not all! Plant walls will help combat air pollution and reduce air temperatures which is quite beneficial during the hot Australian summers. And, it is widely known that green is the colour that creates a calming effect and increases productivity.

3. Patterned Frosted Glass

Glass partitions are one of the most commonly used in office renovation designs because they have the ability to let light in and allow even distribution. This helps in making the office look more spacious. And, by using some custom frosting designs you can transform the standard dull partition to something extraordinary and eye-catching which will help you make a great first impression when clients visit your office. You can choose from a great variety of designs such as geometric patterns, your company’s logo, or even some calming scenery.

4. Decorative Bookcase

Last but not least, here’s yet another interesting way to partition working areas in your next office renovation. And if you don’t want to completely divide your working spaces you can always go for a bookcase that is made up of backless cubes. An open bookcase is also a great alternative to glass partition because it also lets the sun flow throughout the space. As a bonus, you will have some added storage space which is great for having a decluttered office.

So, if you aim to create your ultimate office space, contact the Rod Johnstone Group and make sure you get the most out of using office partitions.

Why Include Office Partitions in your Next Office Fitout?

In general, people see office partitions as plain and dull cubicles that only contribute to having a depressing working environment. On the contrary, office partitions may be the key segment of your next office fitout design to make your workspace feel more pleasant and comfortable. But, there’s a catch – they must be used correctly if you want to get the most out of them.

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Commercial Guide: Your Office Renovation Budget

Considering improving your business or medical practice? Looking for a better office space or simply a fresh location? If yes, you need to find an experienced office renovation company. Look no further than the Rod Johnstone Group, which are one of the best commercial fitouts Townsville located company providing its professional services anywhere in North, Central, and Western Queensland.

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The Hottest Office Fit-Out Trends for 2019

Throughout the entirety of 2018, innovative and creative use of space has been the number one focal point of workplace designers. Therefore, the upcoming 2019 office fit out trends will also focus on the same things – greener, eco-friendly, and healthier workplaces. Designers also have employee’s and customer’s happiness and wellbeing in mind. However, in order to create such offices, you need to hire a professional company. Rod Johnstone Group is your best option if you’re searching for an office fitout Townsville located company.

Why the Right Office Design Matters?

Namely, office design is crucial if you want to have a successful business – it remarkably affects the performance of your employees and the overall business, in general. Plus, if you want to survive in this hyper-competitive market, you’d better pay attention to innovation. Adopting a new design trend that best fits your needs and embracing new technologies are key to success.

Luckily for you, a commercial fitouts Townsville company which will complete all of the above-mentioned key factors to a successful business is closer to you than ever. The Rod Johnstone Group offers its remarkable and professional services anywhere North, Central, and Western Queensland. Hence, amazing office fitout Townsville, Mount Isa, Winton, Mackay, Cairns, or Longreach, are just a call away.

So, if you want to know which of the hottest office fitout trends are to help your business achieve its goals, just continue reading this article and you’ll get all of the information needed and numerous valuable tips.

Office Fitout Trends You Should Consider

  1. Experience-Driven Spaces

Salary matters of course, but how else to attract and keep good employees? – Offer them a valuable direct experience and high-end offices. Entice your employees by creating a special place dedicated to enhancing their overall happiness and wellness. And, what’s even more important, make this space available for everyone, not just for executives or other higher-rank employees. Plus, when employees are offered a stress-free environment they can go there and have a break when things get intense. By doing so, your employees won’t develop a toxic work environment which is crucial for employees to stay.

In addition, if you can’t think of what kind of space your employees need, here are some examples of the office fitout trends for experience-driven rooms: rock climbing wall, virtual reality room, audio-visual room, meditation areas, jogging trails, gaming areas (both indoor and outdoor), gym, etc.

Though, regardless of what type of space you choose, make sure that it embodies the feel of your company. For instance, Google created a healthy breakfast bar that offers food for free and an indoor gym open 24/7. Why? – To improve employees’ health and keep them away from a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Free-Range Workspace

There are numerous reasons why free-range workspaces became popular in 2018 – they boost face-to-face interaction, encourage sharing of ideas, and interactive supervision. The result is increased productivity.

In fact, many Silicon Valley companies adopted the open-format and free-range workspaces. So, why wouldn’t your office fitout follow the steps of such successful companies? Just get in touch with a commercial fitouts company and make your workplace open, without walls, and encourage employees to share not only space but also their talent and resources.

Furthermore, the free-range workspace will improve interaction and productivity, boost motivation and creativity, increase employees’ knowledge, and get rid of the isolation between entrepreneurs and executives

Thus, here’s what you need to consider when developing a free-range workspace: multipurpose workstation, open-plan, themed areas, numerous counter space and desks, comfy sofas and chairs, plenty of plants or green walls, and portable dividers.

  1. Biophilic and Nature-Driven Design

The third option for your office fitout is the biophilic approach which uses nature as the architectural framework. In other words, commercial fitouts companies use patterns, colours, textures, shapes, and forms found in nature, and plenty of live plants, natural lighting, and ventilation. Plus, this trend has become a must and kind of a standard when it comes to building and commercial fitouts.

But, how do you create a truly biophilic workspace? – Use natural materials like stone and wood, and include some of the following: trees and plants, living green walls, organic shapes, daylighting, thermal comfort, visual connection with nature, and high-quality ventilation.

Regardless of your design choice, the commercial fitouts Townsville company Rod Johnstone Group will make your vision come true for sure!

Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Office Renovation

Thinking about renovating your office? Has your business reached a point where the space no longer fits the requirements of your business? Perhaps the workspace feels dated or crowded. Or, maybe there’s a wall that you need to bring down. It may not necessarily have all that many significant issues, but tons of small annoying things that you would like to change. If you’re located somewhere in North, Central, or Western Queensland and searching for a company for office renovation Townsville located, the Rod Johnstone Group will certainly make your office renovation a success.

In addition, an office renovation won’t only give a new look to your office space but will also increase employee productivity and engagement, modernize your brand, and show clients that you’re moving ahead. Hence, if you want to know the secrets of this commercial construction Townsville company, just read ahead and find out which are the most useful tips to make your office renovation Townsville based effective and successful.

Tips to Help You Prepare for Office Renovation

  1. Make Clear Goals

First of all, you need to exactly what you want and what your renovation expectations are. Making a list of the things you want to address will make this process easier. And, you should also pick one main goal and reason for your renovation. You just need to ask yourself some questions. For example, do you need a simple cosmetic change and renovation, or you want to add some technologies, and impress the client maybe? This will help you prioritize the things and make the plans.

  1. Examine the Current Space

Taking the time to investigate your current workspace, building, and surroundings will help you see exactly what you’re working with. Just look for the building strengths and features that are worth saving. Also, make sure that the commercial construction company assesses and double checks the accuracy of your examination so that fewer surprises and costs pop up during the process of office renovation.

  1. Set Your Budget

One of the key factors for any project is the budget. In fact, you can’t really make any plans without setting the budget and knowing how much you can spend on the entire renovation project. Once you set the budget, think about your priorities and what’s crucial in order to make your business more efficient. Thus, if there are any complications, it will be easy to get some things off the list. And, you may also want to look for alternative ways to keep costs down.

  1. Focus on Long-Term Development

Even though making long-term plans might make you spend more money on the project, it is definitely worth it since the changes will bring your business numerous benefits in the long run. Just ask your managing team and staff to explain the long-term plan of your company and what the commercial construction Townsville Company can do in order to bring your business long-term benefits and better results.

  1. Set the Timeframe

Being accurate about the timeframe, when you want to start the project and when the deadline is, is really important. A determined timeframe will help the commercial construction company plan and manage to do the office renovation. And, be aware that there will most probably be plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and flooring contractors involved, which means that everything should be meticulously planned.

  1. Hire the Right Commercial Construction Company

Just like in any other field of work, construction companies have areas they specialize in. For instance, Rod Johnstone Group’s specialties are medical, dental, and veterinarian construction and office fit outs. And, be aware that reputable companies will be glad to discuss your plans and answer any questions you have. Plus, they will also make some suggestions for optimization of your workspace based on the work they’ve done before.

Overall, preparing for an office renovation isn’t always as easy as it seems to be. But, usually, hiring the best commercial construction company can really prevent unpleasant and unexpected situations. So, once again, if your workspace needs renovations and is located in Queensland, we strongly recommend you to contact Rod Johnstone Group and be one of their many satisfied customers.

The Qualities of a Perfect Office Renovation Contractor

Employees of any office always like to see new things happening at their workplace. A new menu at the cafeteria, or a new seating layout, or even a new set of potted plants lining the corridor can go a long way in keeping things alive and active at a workplace. But sometimes the changes in an office run deeper than the simple examples mentioned above. Often you need to carry out a complete office renovation because the office has become old and outdated. You can get a number of contractors who can do your office renovation Mount Isa but you must select the one that suits your needs best and is able to work within your constraints.

The Cost of Office Renovation

The total cost of the project is one of the most important factors when deciding on the contractor suitable or your office renovation Townsville. This would impact the extent of new structures you can afford to put in place in your new office. Also ask your contractor how much of the materials of the present office he would be able to reuse.

Compliance to Laws

When renovating offices, many owners go overboard and put in place additional structures which do not comply with local municipal laws regarding construction. The agency doing your office renovation must have complete knowledge of what is permitted and what is not.

Adherence to Timelines

When you are renovating an office, you must remember that you are disrupting your employees ongoing set schedule. Therefore the changeover must be completed in the shortest time possible. Your contractor must be able to stick to deadlines and demonstrate that they care about taking are whilst doing so.

Building a structure from scratch is easier than an office renovation Winton because no one’s schedule is disrupted. Choose your contractor with care so that the renovation can be completed on time within your budget.

High-end spaces from around the world to inspire your office renovation

If you’re a business owner thinking about renovating, you’ve most likely looked at a classy office space and thought: ‘I wish that was mine’. We’ve brought you some more inspirational material to contribute to your office renovation Pinterest board.


H&H Group Offices, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a concrete jungle with not a lot of greenery left. H&H Group, though, have managed to bring  nature  inside. Real trees are installed in the centre of communal desks and green carpet imitates grass.

HH office
H&H is short for heal and happiness and their products are based off these two values. Most of the office is open working space, much like an open park area. There’s also plenty of natural light. This goes to show H&H practices what it preaches, being a ‘leader’ in vitamins, supplements, baby care and general well being products.


White & Case Offices, NYC

This New York law firm’s amazing office renovation included a restaurant-style dining area and a fully-serviced fitness facility overlooking the Empire State Building! To go the extra mile, the design team actually interviewed the employees of White & Case to get an accurate picture of the company’s culture. The end result is described as neither white-shoe formality nor a laid-back start-up vibe but something in the middle.

The finished product is stunning. A neutral colour palette embellished with warm, natural elements runs through the nine floors belonging to the firm. A combination of modular walls and floor-to-ceiling glass separate working spaces for private meetings and quiet work.


Paramount by The Office Spaces, Sydney

It earned the Best Workplace in the World title from  the World Festival of Interiors Awards in 2016 and it’s easy to see why. The judges explained their ruling by saying the coworking space is an example of:

‘refreshing contrast in office design, where highly crafted spatial, detailing and materiality strategies have been composed with an old world dignity’

TOS Paramount Brochure pdf

This old world dignity comes in the form of warm wood tones punctuated with gold and brass fittings. There’s even a fully-stocked 1930’s style bar.

Shopify offices, Waterloo

The Shopify crew overtook an old distillery…and outgrew the space. An extension/office renovation is underway in another location just down the road but the original space is a poster child for both amazing office space and employee culture.

There’s desk space available but few employees use them. It’s normal to find a developer sitting on an old-style leather couch with an open chips packet. Shopify encourages employees to work whatever way is best for them. The designer of the office from MSDS said ‘cubicles work better for (assembly) line items’. Shopify preferred an ‘optimised’ office for ‘humans to their best work’.


Allens Linklaters, Brisbane


Bates Smart were the brains behind the law firm’s 480 Queen Street location and it opened  to much acclaim. The high windows offer an abundance of natural light, especially in the break room (styled more like a cafe). The office space is mostly open-plan, punctuated with private work areas and board rooms.

Want more? Look at these cool office spaces

Use coworking spaces as inspiration for your office renovation

Freelancers in a coworking environment are envied by employees on the nine to five because they seem to have it all. Freedom to work their own hours, set their rate of pay, and access to cool office spaces. For your own office renovation, you can ‘borrow’ the elements from coworking spaces and transplant them into your own office.


Modern design

Industrial design elements  like exposed brick, and ‘street art’ graffiti as well as a mix of concrete and metal finishes give your office renovation and coworking spaces an urban feel. Other modern design aspects include plenty of natural light and high ceilings.

Open office plans are replacing confined cubicle layouts. The make for better communication and workers feel less restricted. If you’ve purchased or built a multi-storey complex, use the views to your advantage. The Cluster in Melbourne’s CBD has stunning outlooks of the city and the window desks are prime real-estate.


the cluster


Amenities galore

The the purified water cooler and the air-con are no longer the coolest features available. Amenities combine the benefits of play with the seriousness of work. Some coworking spaces have pool tables, pinball machines, and in-house baristas where workers can get their daily drop. Having a space for fun and relaxation brings the workplace closer together, especially when events are done regularly. River City Labs in Brisbane has a Residents Coffee catch-up every fortnight so the regulars can get to know each other. With your own office renovation, don’t be afraid to go next level. Add an in-house cafeteria/kitchen where employees can order off a menu or make their own meals. Plus it’s a place where you can have a Friday-night barbecue!


New equipment

Of course people in coworking spaces will have their own equipment, but this isn’t likely the case with your own workplace. Look into renting the latest desktop computers and high-end printing machines for your own space. Workers need to work on a bigger screen than their laptop and print what they find valuable. Renting in the long term, with the option to buy out, is cheaper than buying outright.


Look at supportive office furniture because people will be sitting for long periods of time. Alternatively, invest in a few standing desks. They’re better for worker’s health both mentally and physically.


Wellness programs

Your office renovation is a chance to do something unique, and everyday workers are a lot more vigilant about their health and wellbeing than they ever used to be. Have casual office parties that make people end the day with a smile. Stock ‘real food’ in the kitchen. Have a ‘no lunch at the desk’ rule.


When you have meetings with the architect, consciously leave aside some space for an indoor fitness area or even a communal ‘chill’ space for workers to take a break. To promote its wellness programs before opening, The Cove in Brisbane held early morning outdoor fitness sessions on a local rooftop bar with much success.

Rooftop area at Fishburner's, Brisbane

Rooftop area at Fishburner’s, Brisbane

office renovation

Use these office renovation ideas to make the workplace welcoming

Office renovation ideas are tough to think of on the fly; you need time to make decisions about all the little things that bring the project together. There’s size, colour scheme, and even furniture to consider. There’s plenty of ideas and designs saturating the internet, so we gathered a few general but popular options.

White on walls

Indoor offices don’t have lots of natural light and you don’t want to darken the atmosphere. White (in its many different shades) will brighten spaces without much effort. It’s also a neutral colour, so you can dress up the space as you like. White walls with dark furnishings is a popular look.


You have white walls but you don’t want them to stay barren. Project managers of office renovation, or the directors of the company, are making more room for art and creativity. Offices of companies like Google, Airbnb, and Evernote have spaces set aside to use as feature walls. Sometimes they commission artists to paint something unique.

office renovation

(Evernote Offices, California)


Bring the outside in

Plan your office renovation with employee comfort in mind. Psychological studies have shown that contact with the outside world in some form improves worker efficiency. A view of nature reduces stress. German legislation has even made access to nature in some form compulsory in office buildings (Herman Miller, Comfort in the Workplace).  

Wooden furnishings, plants or even pictures of plants are other ways to bring more nature inside. If it’s possible, consider floor-to-ceiling windows. They give workers access to views and sunlight.

Go over the design with your builder and look critically at floor space. Cubicles might save a few square centimetres but they’re suffocating. They’re gradually getting traded for larger desks with small partitions. This gives the office a more “open-air” environment.

Reception area

If possible, bring all these elements into your reception area. It takes less than three seconds to make an impression and you want to amaze your guests as well as welcome them.

(5D Office Designs)