Optimise Your Medical Fit Out For Patient Comfort

When it comes to choosing the ideal medical provider, patients take into consideration not only the service, but also the comfort they get out of the overall experience. Therefore, every practitioner should think about their next medical fit out and what they can change in order to provide the best service possible and please their patients.

Luckily, the Rod Johnstone Group, which is one of the best commercial construction and office fit out companies in Townsville, is here to help you get the best result and stand out from the competition. Their years of experience in the industry guarantees high-quality medical fit outs. So, hire them and enjoy all the benefits of hiring a fitout company.

Now, let’s have a look at some ways to optimise your medical fitout and offer the ultimate service and patient comfort:

 Soothing Atmosphere

In general, people go to medical centres because they are ill or in pain, or to do a general medical check-up. Regardless of the reason, visiting a doctor isn’t a necessarily pleasant experience and people can get anxious or discontent.

Hence, you need to make sure that your patients forget about their negative thoughts once they enter your medical facility. Using light and neutral colours is one way you can improve your patient’s mood and wellbeing. Also, you can use curved and gentle shapes in your decor which will help them calm their mind. And, you can always add greenery and some suitable artwork.

Comfortable Furniture

Apart from the general atmosphere, you should also pay special attention to the waiting area and ensure that your patients, especially seniors and those who are disabled, can relax and wait in comfort.

That being said, when planning your next medical fit out, take some time and go shopping for durable chairs and armchairs that offer great back support. Similarly, think about including some lower seating or bedding options in every treatment room and ensure that all of your patients have access to them.

Natural Lighting

Without a shadow of a doubt, no one wants to be treated in some dingy and dim room, or wait for their appointment surrounded by strong and harsh lighting, for example, fluorescent lighting.

On the contrary, people are more likely to feel welcomed and have a positive experience in rooms with natural lighting, especially when going to the doctor. So, why not take advantage of the warm and shiny Australian sun and let the light brighten up your medical centre? Your patients will benefit from sunlight and open spaces.

Easy Navigation

Last but not least, once they enter your medical centre, your patients should immediately notice the reception desk and be able to promptly get any information needed. Plus, your next medical fit out should clearly mark all of the other areas and offer directions for easy navigation. Just remember to make your signage suitable for those with visual impairments.

And, besides clear signage, think about the flow of the space. Avoid anything that looks like a labyrinth or hallways that are interconnected and not practical. In other words, your medical fitout should concentrate on having wide corridors that offer ample space for all of your patients, including those who are in wheelchairs or use other walking aids.

Final Thoughts

In order to make sure you get the best possible medical fit out, you’d better contact the Rod Johnstone Group and let them help you with any of the above-mentioned factors.

6 top tips to make your speciality medical fitout above board

Few people like going to the doctor, dentist, vet etc. As a business owner and a medical professional, you want to create a space that puts people (or their pets) at ease and not only in the emotional sense. We’re experienced in medical fitouts around Townsville and Mt Isa, and we have some tips to share with you.



Prime real estate is important. Patients look for specialists that live close to them for treatment whether you’re a GP, x-ray practice, or veterinarian.

It’s common for medical fitouts, like doctor’s surgeries and vets, to have their offices in the suburbs. This is where families call home. They’re more likely to visit a practice in the next suburb over where it’s quiet, compared to battling for a park at the shopping centre.

Cavendish Road Clinic in Brisbane is an example of a commercial practice in a residential zone

Cavendish Road Clinic in Brisbane is an example of a commercial practice in a residential zone


The presentation is key. Do you want to look commercial or family friendly? In a medical fitout, the latter is preferred. Snapping up an old home and renovating it into a commercial business makes this easier.

This is where interior design comes in handy. Colour palette is important, you don’t want the whole colour of the rainbow painted through the office. That will only send people’s minds into overdrive. Certain colours evoke emotional responses. Blue evokes calmness. Green represents health.

The Psychological Properties of Colours

Be wise with your colours and choose wood finishes to create a welcoming medical environment. People are more relaxed in natural environments not surrounded by sterile white walls. As a doctor/veterinary practice, most visitors will come with small children. Catering to their needs with a small play area or books will make waiting in reception easier for them.



It’s not only patients who need peace of mind. Business owners need it to. Ordering and installing a security system is a recommended first step. Medical practices hold sensitive information and it’s important to safeguard it. Other considerations for your medical fitout include tinted windows. You can order a shrink-wrapped design instead to add some character.



This is more than having a space that ‘flows’ and makes visitors comfortable. When you think functionality, make sure you don’t forget about:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Parking/accessibility for clients
  • Storage
  • Sound-proofing


Codes and regulations

You can’t open your practice, let alone get it off the ground, without following codes and regulations laid out by the government. Each practice needs a dedicated consultation room for each practitioner in the business. Other standards listed include:

  • Patients must be able to access the premises without passing through clinical areas
  • Equipment and furnishings must meet Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines
  • Curtains and bed sheets are fire retardant


Physical Environment Standard (version 5)