Tips for a Successful Commercial Fit Out

In general, you need to take many points into consideration before making a decision to renovate your working space. So, you must take this process seriously if you want the result to be successful and if you want your company, staff, and customers to be satisfied. And without a shadow of a doubt, an office fitout does cost a fortune. So, since you’re making a huge investment in your business, it’s crucial to choose the perfect commercial fitouts company to do the work. If your business is somewhere in Queensland, you should definitely go for the Rod Johnstone Group commercial fitouts Townsville based company. The Rod Johnstone staff members will not only provide the best advice, but also the ultimate finished product.

Now, let’s have a look at some key points to consider when going through an office fitout and some useful tips for a successful commercial fitout.

  1. Budget

First and foremost, you need to figure out how much money you have set aside for your office renovation. However, make sure that your budget matches your wish list. Hence, be realistic about the correlation between design and budget – high-quality product requires a higher budget, whereas lower budget results in a low-quality finish.

  1. Areas of improvement

Then, think about which areas of your working space require most improvements. Plus, consider what would bring the most benefits to your business and what the true purpose of your office renovation is. For example, if your goal is to impress clients and improve your company’s first impression, you should focus on the reception area.

Similarly, if you want to make employees more satisfied than before, then improve their working space and break areas. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do both. Just estimate what you truly need.

  1. Design

One of the major elements of any commercial fitout is the design, if not the most crucial. Therefore, choosing a design is vital for a successful commercial fitout. In order to find out what would work the best for your business, answer the following questions ‘What makes your business unique?’ and ‘What kind of look and feel do you want to create?’.

By doing so, you may come up with some ideas. But, don’t worry if this doesn’t help you. The Rod Johnstone Group will advise you what’s best for your company in terms of design and everything else required.

A bonus tip: include your logo and corporate colors as much as and wherever possible.

  1. Productivity

Imagine your employees show up at work and surprisingly see all of the commercial fitout company’s builders, workers, designers, etc. This will for sure impact their current productivity negatively. Therefore, it is very important to give your staff notice before you start your office renovation.

Another thing you can do is talk to the office fitout company and make a plan about how to coordinate their and your employees to ensure minimal disruption.

Finally, advertise the result and improvements made and ensure that your clients see your company’s growth. Customers will always come back to you if they see that you’re successful. And, employees will always stay when they’re provided a positive working environment.


5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Commercial Renovation

Old, outdated commercial spaces aren’t pleasant to look at, or work in for that matter. After a few decades, it’s not unreasonable to think that it’s time for an upgrade. Sometimes a new coat of paint just won’t do it. You should give us a bell when the five below points start popping up.


  • Your workplace feels like a prison

Cubicles are not for the claustrophobic, and high-set windows don’t allow much natural light to get through. Most of the light you’re exposed to comes from the ones in the ceiling.

Confined, dark and musty workspaces don’t equal a healthy workplace or happy employees.

Your employees need room to breathe so ditch the cubicles

Your employees need room to breathe so ditch the cubicles


  • The lights/toilets/elevator broke…again

The amount of money spent fixing these problems can easily go towards a commercial renovation. Plus, the old fixtures are generating expensive utility bills. WELS-approved taps, toilets and other fixtures use less water and LED lights to save money on the electricity per quarter.


  • You’re thinking about changing locations

There’s a new space in a corporate park that’s become available. It’s about the same size as your current digs, but there’s bright colours, new carpet and incredibly fast internet connections. But then you remember the pains of packing.

Why pack up shop, in a convenient location near a coffee shop no less, when a builder can upgrade your space for you? Plus, you don’t have to change your address on emails, letters and Google My Business.


  • You don’t bring in clients

Your office is convenient, its a place to work and get business done. But when it’s time to meet clients, the conference room, if there even is one, is passed in favour of a local cafe. You know that first impressions matter, and how would you feel if you were a customer walking through a dated office?


  • There’s walking tracks

Walking tracks in the floor are genuine signs of wear-and-tear, and that means it’s definitely time to upgrade. So are dripping taps, faulty lights, squeaking doors…


Self-education is key

7 Savvy Ways to Spend Your Leftover Commercial Renovation Budget

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Impress Customers By Overhauling These 4 Things In Your Commercial Renovation

In retail, the customer is king. They bring you repeat business and their recommendations will bring you more customers, such as their friends and family. But if your store has stains on the ceiling, little natural light, and a lot of wear-and-tear, that’s less likely to happen. Impressions matter, and these 4 points will make a better one once the doors reopen.


Store layout

This is key when you are in the design stages. The floor plan needs to be laid out with these in mind:

  • Space for people to move freely between sections, both staff and customers
  • Dedicated retail space, divided into sections by product type
  • Staff only areas, including a break area

Let’s use Apple stores as an example. Their floor plan is minimalist and well spaced. There’s separate displays for iPods, iPhones, watches, headphones and computers. Behind the counter is the staff-only area that includes a repair station for quick fixes and a general staff area for workers to place their belongings.





You’re a cafe. People come to your place for their three-times-daily coffee, lunch, and all-day breakfast. If you are a customer who spends a great deal of time, usually hours, at the establishment, what essentials do you need? Definitely bathrooms and power outlets. For women’s bathrooms, powder-room sections are becoming increasingly common.

powder room

Embrace trends

Like the powder room trend above, it’s important to keep up with competitors and influencers. Customers love, and expect, new things. You can take advantage of this in particular if you are rebranding your shop. Look at your social media feeds and competitor websites. Think about how you want to look in 2018 and beyond. Some retail trends on a cosmetic level include;


  • Scandi/minimalist influenced interior design
  • Neutral palettes with colourful furnishings
  • Oversized artwork, murals by local artists
  • Exposed, smooth concrete rendering or exposed brickwork
  • Natural elements, such as light and timber


Update your tech

Paper and pens normally carried by wait staff are being phased out in favour of tablets. This makes for faster workflow, with orders directly sent to the kitchen or barista. Some retail stores are doing this as well with smartphone-like devices. A simple scan of the barcode will show if a particular item is in stock, or can be found at another store.

We support self-education;

Make your speciality commercial fitout different from the rest

The Anatomy of a Hassle-Free Office Fitout

7 Savvy Ways to Spend Your Leftover Commercial Renovation Budget

The place has been cleaned, the desks are in place, and you’ve given the builder a nice present to say ‘thanks for all your hard work’. Not just because of their good job; they’ve also done it in a way that’s left over some cash. The commercial renovation and the waiting game is over, now it’s time for some fun.


  • Reopening party

Put on a soiree to celebrate your new office space. Invite clients to come and visit or keep it corporate. Either way, make sure there’s good food, drinks, and a bouncy Spotify playlist going on in the background.


  • Lunch on the house

This is a special treat if you’re a small team and can get everyone to come for a couple of hours. Restaurants, the fancy ones with killer views and just as amazing menus, have corporate packages available.

First you feast!

First you feast!


  • Corporate day

Yes, your commercial renovation has the place looking like something out of an interiors magazine. But sometimes team-building days are better spent outside of the office. Paintball, yoga, and treasure hunts are some fun options.


  • Get some furnishings

You kept the purse strings tight during the whole commercial renovation process, and now it’s time to treat the office to some nice decorations. Comfortable couches with throw cushions, wall hangings, or a few decorative lamps are some options. Also consider getting some bookshelves and subscribing to a few magazines. There’s always a demand for reading material.


  • Buy some software

There should be enough left over cash in the renovation budget for an annual package or two. Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Evernote, stock photo sites are all useful tools for the office. Look into getting an unlimited cloud storage system as well.


  • Enrol in workshops

In real life and online. Sites like SkillShare have team plans available, or you can poll the staff and ask them what they’re interested in learning.


  • iPads and other toys

Mobile devices are extremely handy when you need to carry work around the office. Invest in some community iPads and hook them up to cloud software. This way presentations, briefs, and important memos are accessible all in one place.



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10 Things We All Love and Hate About Commercial Renovation

10 Things We All Love and Hate About Commercial Renovation

The contract is signed and the tradies are rolling up for another day of work. Commercial renovation, whether for an office, warehouse, or a shop, is exciting but has its share of ups and downs.


  • The waiting game

It’s one thing to plan, design, and get excited about how the finished product is going to look. But there is a period of several months for the whole structure to get built, first! This isn’t fun when patience isn’t your greatest virtue.


  • Problems

They are inevitable. Not everything goes according to plan. Something in the existing structure could halt progress on a commercial renovation, as well as complaints from the council and nearby businesses. And this brings us to the next point…


  • Cranky neighbours

As a professional commercial building crew, we follow the rules and other codes of conduct. Everything is up to standard, including the time we stop working because of noise restrictions. People who don’t work in the construction industry suddenly become experts when they make a complaint about one thing or another. The best we can do is cop it on the chin and keep following the rules like we always do.


  • Money

Nobody likes talking about it. Money and the issues around it make awkward conversations. Some clients don’t know they need 20 – 30% extra on their budget in case the builder runs into something that will extend the project by a week.


  • Spoken down to

Tradies know how to do their job. Some customers who put in their two cents might think they’re helping, but sometimes it comes off as talking down to the carpenter, plumber, or electrician. If there are issues, speak with the builder or the foreman.

After all that bad stuff, though, there are some good parts about a commercial renovation project to look forward to.


  • New space

At the end of it, your business and your team will move into amazing new digs. That’s always a plus!


  • Underpromise

As the saying goes, underpromise and overdeliver. It’s professional courtesy, plus our obligation to the customer, to deliver the space you asked for.


  • Thank yous

This is a small gesture that’s actually quite underrated. Trades, foremen, and the builder in charge all appreciate this.


  • Treats

You know what we also appreciate? A barbecue or a goodie basket. It’s another way clients say thanks for all the hard work on the commercial renovation. Plus it’s a great morale booster.




  • A job well done

A beautiful end result is always a good thing.


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