Commercial Guide: Your Office Renovation Budget

Considering improving your business or medical practice? Looking for a better office space or simply a fresh location? If yes, you need to find an experienced office renovation company. Look no further than the Rod Johnstone Group, which are one of the best commercial fitouts Townsville located company providing its professional services anywhere in North, Central, and Western Queensland.

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Fit Out Company

One of the major expenses a company should pay for is an office fitout. But, it’s definitely worth the money since an office’s first impression is crucial to the customers who visit. You should also pay attention to everything from the look and feel of the office to available facilities. Therefore, you should ensure that your office renovation is done right by a professional company. But, which company to choose in North, Central, and Western Queensland? The Rod Johnstone Group is definitely one of the top best commercial fitouts Townsville located companies.

This commercial fitouts Townsville company will make sure that once their work is done you wouldn’t have to worry and think of office renovation for a very long time. Plus, it will also help you save money in the future because you won’t need to redo the work – which, sadly, is the case when hiring fake commercial fitouts companies.

So, let’s see how you can identify the best commercial fitouts company. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Experience

First and foremost, a good commercial fitouts company should have at least a decade of experience. Plus, it should have a good track record so that you can see some of their amazing work. Similarly, you should also take into consideration if the company has experience in your specific business field fitouts and what’s the best way to utilize your working space.

  1. Accreditation

Second on the list of the things you should consider when hiring a commercial fitouts company is checking the accreditation. Even though the company claims it has proper accreditation, don’t hesitate to check on it. Just ask them to provide you with a copy of their certificates proving their accreditation to do commercial fitouts.

  1. Insurance

Next thing you should pay attention to is whether the company has liability insurance. Hiring an office fitout company without valid insurance is one of the biggest mistakes you can do with your office fitout. Just imagine how bad it would be if people get injured or property gets damaged and the company doesn’t have insurance.

  1. Protection

It is vital to consider employees’ health and safety as a number one priority when doing an office renovation. Simply ask commercial fitouts companies whether they take some precautionary measures, and if they do so, ask them to explain them to you. Remember, employees’ health and safety always comes first.

In brief, a good commercial fitout company should be experienced and accredited and provide liability insurance and employees’ protection. So, consider all of the above-listed factors when choosing a company for your office fitout. Once again, The Rod Johnstone Group is an all-in-one commercial fitouts Townsville company that provides amazing fitout, renovation, and other services. Hence, you can end your search and give this company a call.


commercial construction

The beginner’s guide to commercial construction in Mt Isa

Rod Johnstone Group helps business owners at every  stage of their career get access to top notch commercial construction in Mt Isa. Not everyone knows things about construction like us, and we don’t expect them to. Whether you’ve worked in property development for a while or are a total newbie to the scene building your first brick-and-mortar presence, we made a basic beginners guide for you.

Location location location

Whether you’re ordering commercial  construction in Mt Isa, Longreach, or Cairns, Rod Johnstone’s offices are there to back you up. After initial meetings, we’ll meet you on the site where you plan to develop your business.

In commercial construction, it’s vital to check if a site is viable to build on. Our contractors conduct topsoil analysis, measurements, and more. This ensures an accurate timeline for the project and price on the final quote.

Meeting official requirements

You’ll find more builders in offices doing vital work than onsite doing manual labour. They have the experience and the contacts to make sure your development gets off the ground. Before any commercial construction in Mt Isa can begin, the project needs to meet zoning requirements and plans have to be submitted for council approval. This is non-negotiable. You won’t have to worry about doing this, though. The head builder of your project handles everything and will keep you informed.

Going over plans

And there’s A LOT of them. Commercial construction in Mt Isa isn’t a short process; the whole pre-construction duties take a few months. This includes the builder, architect, and engineers drawing and generating plans for your build. These are structural, mechanical, and electrical. The architect will create a blueprint of how you want your building to look when it’s finished and the more technical details are worked around it.

These are only some of the details behind what goes on during commercial construction in Mt Isa. There’s more to come because there’s so much to cover, but Rod and everyone at Rod Johnstone group will answer any questions. They’re the experts, after all.

commercial project planning

Getting your commercial project off the ground

A commercial real estate project is a big investment; you’re laying foundations for your future and that of your business. It’s not as simple as submitting building plans for approval and hiring a contractor. Commercial development is multi-layered, and we’ve listed a few points about it below.


Considering types

What kind of commercial building do you want? Are you planning a space that can fit one tenant or several? Are you a single business building your first brick-and-mortar office? A commercial project applies to warehouse spaces, office parks and even medical buildings.


Get the land

Your next task is to find enough land that can fit your project. You should factor the size of the building and parking space (if any) in your search when looking at vacant lots.

There are other factors to consider when looking at land. It’s advisable to contact a surveyor to make sure the ground is table and if any “particulars” exists that might make construction difficult. Make sure you’re also familiar with the zoning laws of the area you want to build in. You don’t want to have a council battle when you plan a commercial development in a residential area.


Make sure permits are in order

These are also known as building approvals. When you or your builder gets hold of these, you can break ground. There are different approvals needed depending on the type of work planned. Business projects have their own list and it’s advisable to get familiar with them. The builder can do the bulk of this for you.


Builder on board

On that last note, builders are an integral part of commercial projects. Interviewing commercial builders with an established portfolio and great testimonials is a good place to start when you’re looking around. They act as project managers; they coordinate trades, meet with inspectors and can even design your building if they have an open license.

It’s important to have an open line of communication on both sides. The builder will submit regular reports to their client, and the client must advise the builder if they want to make any changes.


There are lots of steps to take when you’re planning a commercial development. It’s important to do your research, find some space to lay down foundations and meet a reputable commercial builder. They’ll take your project off paper and into the real world.