What a successful commercial renovation project looks like

Everyone wants their  renovation to be successful. Unfortunately, clients can get so fixated on the outcome that they don’t understand the process. A successful commercial renovation isn’t all about the shiny ‘after’ photo that goes on your Facebook page. It’s layers of the below:


  • Goals-oriented

Careful planning and having crystal-clear aims are key in the early stages. Goals include:

  • The amount of square meters you want to add
  • Spend X amount of money overall
  • What the finished result needs to look like

It’s important that you also question why you want to renovate. Is the place old in general and needing an update? Does the infrastructure need repairs? Do you want to become more eco-friendly.


  • Your team has done its homework

Doing homework before coming to us will make it easier to get over obstacles. You’ll spend less money on those roadblocks that pop up because your team found them out and presented them to us beforehand. Doing your homework should include facts about:

  • How old the infrastructure is
  • If there’s any heritage features that can’t be touched
  • Electrical problems that have occurred frequently
  • Evaluations from past site reports/inspections



  • You have thought about what’s good for employees and customers

Retail, office, gym, industrial, medical: all these commercial spaces will have customers and employees coming in and out. A successful commercial renovation caters to both. Decent lighting, areas where employees can take breaks, and enough space for customers to move around in are only a few of the factors you need to take into account.



  • Cost breakdowns/budgeting

Companies spend more money on one area than another. This can be new computers, the air conditioning, the plant and equipment, appliances, anything. During the research stage, there will be a cost breakdown of how much will be spent per area. This way there is total transparency when it comes to where the money is going.

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  • Flexibility

Your builder has a schedule and does their best to get the commercial renovation finished on time. But this doesn’t give clients license to hound about deadlines. Give or take several weeks to make sure those final touches are just right. The wait is going to be worth it.


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