How to Maximise Your Office Space Successfully?

Did you know that maximising working space can positively affect productivity and efficiency? Surprising, but true office fitout can influence your staff’s work ethic. What’s more? It can also help you get the best first impression when clients visit your office. Therefore, a thoughtfully designed office space will not only improve productivity but also help your business improve and grow.

Having said that, you’d better get in touch with one of the best office fitout Townsville located company – the Rod Johnstone Group – and get the most out of your working space. Here are some useful tips to follow if you want to maximise your space effectively:

1. Add Office Partitions to Create New Work Spaces

Adding partitions will allow you to create more work zones in your office quite easily and effectively. For example, you can divide one large office space with partitions and get several individual working spaces compared to one. You can use glass partitions if you still want to keep the work space collaborative while avoiding the claustrophobic feel.

At the same time, such partitions enable employees to hold meetings or take business phone calls in their own private workspace. And, another benefit of using office partitions for your next office fitout is that employees won’t distract each other and will be more focused on their work.

2. Choose the Right Furniture to Fit out Your Office

If you really want to optimise your office space, you should also think about the furniture you use to fit out your office. Ergonomic furniture made from high-quality materials is the best investment you can make when doing an office renovation. Choosing ergonomically designed furniture means that you care about your staff and want them to feel comfortable and healthy. By doing so, your business will certainly benefit because having happy employees means improved productivity and efficiency.

But, that’s not all! A professional office fitout company, like the Rod Johnstone Group, will also help you choose the best colour for your interior design because we all know that colour can affect mood and productivity and the image clients create of your business.

3. Declutter Your Office and Add Vertical Storage

Maximising office space requires some organisation skills. First, you should deal with the clutter that has built up over time and organise items into groups based on their utility. Once you’ve done with this, you should get rid of the unnecessary items which you do not use and donate, recycle, or throw them away. Decluttering your office space will immediately optimise workspace and give a clear idea of the necessary requirements of your office fitout.

Furthermore, you should store the things you have left in the previous process. And, it’s time to think vertical! Wall mounted shelving, cabinets, hooks, etc add a totally new level of office space. Rod Johnstone Group will help you choose from a great range of options available and ensure you get what’s most suitable for your office and your office renovation budget. So, all you need to do is get in touch with them and get the best office fitout ever.