High-end spaces from around the world to inspire your office renovation

If you’re a business owner thinking about renovating, you’ve most likely looked at a classy office space and thought: ‘I wish that was mine’. We’ve brought you some more inspirational material to contribute to your office renovation Pinterest board.


H&H Group Offices, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a concrete jungle with not a lot of greenery left. H&H Group, though, have managed to bring  nature  inside. Real trees are installed in the centre of communal desks and green carpet imitates grass.

HH office
H&H is short for heal and happiness and their products are based off these two values. Most of the office is open working space, much like an open park area. There’s also plenty of natural light. This goes to show H&H practices what it preaches, being a ‘leader’ in vitamins, supplements, baby care and general well being products.


White & Case Offices, NYC

This New York law firm’s amazing office renovation included a restaurant-style dining area and a fully-serviced fitness facility overlooking the Empire State Building! To go the extra mile, the design team actually interviewed the employees of White & Case to get an accurate picture of the company’s culture. The end result is described as neither white-shoe formality nor a laid-back start-up vibe but something in the middle.

The finished product is stunning. A neutral colour palette embellished with warm, natural elements runs through the nine floors belonging to the firm. A combination of modular walls and floor-to-ceiling glass separate working spaces for private meetings and quiet work.


Paramount by The Office Spaces, Sydney

It earned the Best Workplace in the World title from  the World Festival of Interiors Awards in 2016 and it’s easy to see why. The judges explained their ruling by saying the coworking space is an example of:

‘refreshing contrast in office design, where highly crafted spatial, detailing and materiality strategies have been composed with an old world dignity’

TOS Paramount Brochure pdf

This old world dignity comes in the form of warm wood tones punctuated with gold and brass fittings. There’s even a fully-stocked 1930’s style bar.

Shopify offices, Waterloo

The Shopify crew overtook an old distillery…and outgrew the space. An extension/office renovation is underway in another location just down the road but the original space is a poster child for both amazing office space and employee culture.

There’s desk space available but few employees use them. It’s normal to find a developer sitting on an old-style leather couch with an open chips packet. Shopify encourages employees to work whatever way is best for them. The designer of the office from MSDS said ‘cubicles work better for (assembly) line items’. Shopify preferred an ‘optimised’ office for ‘humans to their best work’.


Allens Linklaters, Brisbane


Bates Smart were the brains behind the law firm’s 480 Queen Street location and it opened  to much acclaim. The high windows offer an abundance of natural light, especially in the break room (styled more like a cafe). The office space is mostly open-plan, punctuated with private work areas and board rooms.

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