Why you should get an office renovation quote

You put your business in an office that suited your needs…ten years ago. Trends move at a rapid pace and your workplace, once ‘on trend’ itself, soon becomes dated. It’s time to get an office renovation quote if you’re experiencing any of the below three.


You’re embarrassed

First impressions matter. You don’t want to bring clients in for meetings because you know how dated the office looks, from the cubicles to the old carpet. It might turn them off and make them reluctant to make a repeat visit.

Who uses cubicles in modern Australian workplaces these days anyway? It works for some businesses but open-plan workspaces have well and truly taken over. Go into details about the floor plan with your builder and architect, and ditch the cubicles. You’ll lose the embarrassment and impress clients when your office renovation results in a fresh, magazine-worthy looking business.

office renovation

Dress to impress, like the Evernote offices in California

Bills are high

Ten plus years ago, businesses weren’t as concerned with eco-friendliness as they are now. Your energy, gas, and water bills reflect this.

Hunt around the internet for WELS approved fixtures and low-wattage lights. LED strips and bulbs are the go-to types that can be styled any way you like. Plus they use less than half the energy of traditional fluorescent bulbs. Speak to the builder about the best eco-friendly/money saving fixtures appropriate for your office renovation.

Energy-efficient lighting doesn't need to look boring

Energy-efficient lighting doesn’t need to look boring

Your business is evolving

Think about where you started and how far you’ve come. You deserve more than a dated office with worn carpet and tiny windows. When your business grows, make changes in your workplace that reflect it.

Steve Jobs started Apple in his garage. So did the founders of Google. Now they have some of the most enviable offices in the world. When your business expands, so does space. If you like your current location and own the building, look into an office extension.


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