Commercial Guide: Your Office Renovation Budget

Considering improving your business or medical practice? Looking for a better office space or simply a fresh location? If yes, you need to find an experienced office renovation company. Look no further than the Rod Johnstone Group, which are one of the best commercial fitouts Townsville located company providing its professional services anywhere in North, Central, and Western Queensland.

However, before you discuss your needs and wishes, you should set your office renovation budget. So, let’s see how you can cost out an office fitout and which budget line items you should consider:

  • Lighting and Electrical

Believe it or not, the right lighting system can definitely impress clients. And, it certainly depends on the amount of money you want to spend. You can go for basic lighting which will cost you around $250 a point, i.e. without a switch. You’ll spend an extra $150 for a 110 colt outlet and about $300 for each lighting for an emergency exit sign.

  • Millwork and Finishes

Here’s yet another area where you shouldn’t spend lots of money to make a great impression and wow your clients. You can have a box with cubicles or a lobby or conference room which is decked out with woodwork. Such work will cost you around $25 per square foot.

  • Walls

Your budget will also determine the quality of your walls since they can vary in cost greatly. For example, it would cost only about $60 for a ten linear square feet partition wall, which is pretty much basic. Then, if you want to add glass walls, bear in mind that you should stretch your budget and add an extra $150 per square foot on your entire office renovation budget.

  • Flooring

Choosing floors can be quite a difficult task since there are plenty of options. The cheapest option, but only suitable for industrial office renovation theme, would be concrete flooring. The costs for such floors start at $2 a square foot. However, carpet or vinyl tile will cost you $4 per square foot, including supply and installation. And, you should pay about $7 if you want to have wood plank floors.

  • Bathrooms

Another thing you should consider when budgeting your office renovation are bathrooms – which can take up quite a big portion of your budget. One two-piece restroom will cost you a bit less than $15,000. Plus, if your employees prefer to have a shower so that they might use it when in need, you should spend an additional $6,000.

  • Kitchen

Finally, an office renovation isn’t complete without a kitchen or a basic kitchenette including a sink, a simple cabinet, a microwave, and a fridge. If you want to keep the plumbing costs down, and thus lower overall office renovation costs, make sure your kitchenette is close to a bathroom. In this case, it will cost you around $4,000.

To conclude, whether you’re an established company or a start-up, an office renovation would greatly improve your work and take your business to a completely new level. All you need to do is budget wisely and complete your dreams.