A builder and their subordinates are middlemen. They take your project from a sketch on paper to a building in the real world. Before a brick gets laid, though, you must find a suitable contractor. Here are a few points to choosing a quality builder.

Google it

Type in the kind of building project you’re taking on into Google e.g. office fitout, commercial builder (state). Another place to check is the licensing commission of the state you live in.

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool as well. People will trust their friends or an authority in their industry. When past clients are satisfied with their recent project they’ll want to tell everyone about it.

Look at samples of their work

Commercial fitouts and buildings, big or small, are jobs that require much attention to detail. Quality builders are proud to show off past work and more often pictures and testimonials are found on their website.

Check their qualifications

It’s the builder’s responsibility to make sure their licenses are up to date. If they’re hesitant or give evasive answers, that’s not a good sign.

A builder has gotten to where they are through experience over their career. They could have started an apprenticeship at school or gone straight to work on an office fitout after graduation. They know what they know thanks to experience on the worksite around other contractors. Builders or building companies are registered with their state commission (QBCC).

It’s not just the qualifications of the head builder that matter. The trades working under them, from the carpenter to the plumber, should have their credentials in order.

Are they insured?

Builders take responsibility for their work, their contractors and the occasional incident that might happen on their watch. Insurance, or lack of it, is a tell-tale point of a quality builder. It’s not fair or professional to leave clients with the costs of an accident.