Architect or custom builder – who should you speak with first?

For a successful building project, you need to use draw on expert design and construction.

Traditionally, architects were stereotyped as design experts with their head in the clouds when it comes to material and labour costs. Builders meanwhile, were seen as workhorses without the artistry to produce to produce something truly unique.

This is a limited view of both professions and not a reflection of building in 2016.

By working with an experienced custom builder, you are dealing with an expert who will produce a unique building that matches your needs and budget. A draftsperson working in their team provides design expertise and where an even higher level of artistry is needed for the property, they work with a trusted architectural partner. As an experienced builder, they understand the costs and practicalities of bringing your plans to life and so represent an excellent starting point for your building project.

Your builder’s job is to oversee the project and bring together building, architectural and interior design expertise.

If you’re seeking to win an architectural or design award, it makes sense to centre your construction process around an architect. If you’re seeking to create a property that is customized to the needs of your business and looks great, start your conversation with a custom builder.

Whoever you choose to work with though, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you get the best possible service. Be clear on what it is you’re trying to create and ask your prospective builder or architect to justify how they can deliver it. What are the credentials of their team in building, architecture and interior design and how are they right for your project?