office renovation

6 hacks to save on operating costs BEFORE your office renovation finishes

If you think your business is leaking money, an office renovation gives you the time and opportunity to ‘plug’ them once and for all. Energy and water saving measures, combined with a little ‘self-improvement’, can save money and provide peace of mind by the time you move back in.

  • Choose LED

LED lights have more staying power and energy-saving benefits compared to bulbs used in older buildings. Plus they’re less harsh on the eyes and won’t give workers a headache.

LED bulbs have a higher price point and will add to the expenses of your renovation. The benefit lies in the amount of money you’ll save on bills. Also, they only emit 10 watts of electricity compared to the 60 watts of an incandescent bulb. That’s less heat impacting the environment.

  • Waterproof with WELS

Speak with the builder about using WELS approved fixtures in the plumbing. These choices guarantee a decrease the amount of water used every time someone turns on the tap or flushes the toilet.

According to the Australian government website, WELS fixtures use two-to-three times less water than regular taps and whitegoods. The higher the star rating, the better the saving.

  • Furniture

Good office furniture lasts for years. Office renovation is an excuse to shop around for new stuff, but not at the cost of blowing out your budget. Rather than get all-new chairs and lounge suites, get them reupholstered. It’s not as easy as just taking delivery of new stuff, , but it’ll save a few thousand dollars. Plus, if it’s not broken, don’t dump it!

  • Machines

Your monitors are just as guilty of using too much electricity as anything else in the office, and are  often overlooked because people focus on the lights.

You can kill two birds with one stone. If possible, have staff use laptops instead of having desktops at every workstation. You can then hire monitors for the desks that staff can access at any time. These are usually LED monitors that have the added bonus of consuming less power during sleep mode.

  • Cut costs

An office renovation gives your business a clean slate, and the improvements don’t stop with changing the fixtures or the furniture. Use the downtime from the renovation to look at your books to see what’s being spent where, and if there’s need for improvements in general.

During the design stage of your office renovation, consider making some rooms dual-purpose and having a more ‘open plan’ office space. You’ll cut operating costs and employees won’t feel so confined.

  • Not just window dressing

Curtains and tinting aren’t just for show. When the sun heats up the room, the auto-cycle on the air-condition works overtime to cool down the space. Curtains, louvres, and other types of window dressing are pretty but they’ll also save you a bit on electricity.