Make your speciality commercial fitout different from the rest

Doctors offices, dentists, and even gyms aren’t the most exciting places to walk into. Neutral tones and furniture are universal in these spaces. But there’s some touches you can make to your speciality commercial fitout different from all the others out there, whether you’re a dentist, doctor, or  physio.



  • For the kids

Dentists, doctors, and even gyms cater to clients with children. Parents mightn’t be able to drop their children off and have no choice to bring them to appointments or a workout. This creates a level of stress they don’t need.

One way to set yourself apart from others in your field is to create a dedicated childcare space. Have a nicely decorated room with appropriately sized furniture, a few boxes of toys, and a shelf full of books. This will get the appreciation of the parents and maybe some five-star-reviews on Facebook. This in turn leads to you getting more clients.



  • Play with colour

White can be seen as fresh…or sterile. It’s an important factor during the planning stage of your speciality commercial fitout to keep in mind. You can leave the walls neutral, but don’t be afraid to hang up some artwork and inject some personality into the room.

If you do paint, keep the colour scheme in line with that of  your business logo. That way everything is ‘tidy’ and there’s no clashing colours all over the place. If you work in the medical field use calming/trust colours like blue, navy, and green. Gyms on the other hand should use exciting, active colours like red, pink, and other warm hues.


  • Get stylish

Break the mould and buy up from IKEA! Or any other stylish furniture store that’s in your budget.

We have other articles in our news section that will help you style your space, from office renovation trends to amazing commercial fitouts from around the world.

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Style your space differently

Making your speciality commercial fitout different from the rest isn’t as difficult as you might think. Ordering a fit out is an excuse to start from scratch and have a complete makeover of your company image, aesthetically at least. Think about how you go that little bit further to cater to your customers. It can be anything from a children’s play room or having a few private bathrooms with fancy soap.


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Commercial fit out ideas to stand out: Gyms

As an independent gym owner you’re up against competition that have established reputations and loyal customers. Franchises are hard to compete with, but you can also use them as inspiration for your commercial fit out. How?


Amenities matter

Customers are spending more time than ever at the gym. Before work. After work. During their lunch break and on the weekends before they have breakfast. Installing these amenities in your commercial fit out will give you a point of difference in your marketing.



After hard gym session, some patrons might want to sweat it out therapeutically.


Fully equipped bathrooms

Most commercial fit outs for gyms include a bathroom. These are especially popular for those before-work clients who want to fit in a workout before starting their day at the office. The bathrooms can also include locker space for the clients to hang up their work clothes or at least store their wallet. Check out the floor plan below (via Pinterest):


commercial fit out


Not everyone will have the same amount of room or budget for bathroom and locker facilities this size. But the main takeaway is to have some shower stalls, toilets, and a room for people to change. Go a bit further by adding some products everyone can use, like deodorant, hair dryers, and beauty products.



Few gyms have a dedicated kitchen where clients can heat up food or help themselves to a snack. It’s especially helpful to those who feel rushed and might skip a meal before going to work. Including a kitchen in the commercial fit out will definitely give customers a reason to recommend your gym to their friends.

As a final note, ask yourself; how can you make the gym more impressive? Design plays a major factor. Look at the rooms below:

This is a fitness facility in Italy, designed by Gruppo P&G. Natural finishes like wood add an instant warmth and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a peaceful sanctuary compared to the high-energy environment of the gym floor.


Planning your commercial fitout in such a highly competitive industry has it’s challenges, but nothing that Rod Johnstone Group haven’t faced before. Including amenities like these will give you an edge; they’re features clients will appreciate and give you a thumbs up for.


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