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4 ways to make your office fitout look expensive

Office fitouts don’t have to come with a big price tag attached. Specialists like Rod Johnstone Group know the importance of sticking to budget. We stick to the scope and use our network to get the best prices possible. After a few years and dozens of builds later, we know a few ways to make your office fitout look high end without spending top dollar.


Open plan working

Office cubicles are getting ditched for their confining feel. The popular trend of open plan living has reached to office spaces, and employees are loving it. You’ll also get more floor space if you order unusually-shaped furniture. Traditional styles take up more room.

There’s ways of defining each space. Different types of furnishings and even plants will break up the working and leisure areas. In corporate atmospheres, open plan offices often showcase the number of employees working there. Commercial clients like salons have open working spaces for stylists to move around and show off how many clients use their services.


Use light

Natural light is touted as a staple in employee well being; it boosts efficiency and creates a more welcoming space for both workers and visitors. Solid partitions are still a common way to make separate areas, but floor-to-ceiling glass partitions are another option. This way the light doesn’t get interrupted.

Another way to make your office look expensive is using stylish lamp fittings. For businesses wanting an industrial feel use plumbing and galvanised pipe-style fittings in their light fixtures. Pendant lights are another way to bring some style and character, too.


Bring the outside in

When choosing the finishings, look for wood panelling and any other natural elements. Click-in wood floors is a great look. Plus, if you need another office fitout in the future, it’s easy to remove the wood and put it back in.

Green walls are another option for bringing in more nature. The plants will bring a sense of calm to the office, plus it will boost the amount of circulating oxygen. You can have one long wall or little areas spread throughout the place, even in the reception area.


Little details

Final touches are just as important as the large tasks. Deciding on paint colour and what type of flooring will make a big impact of the overall impression of your office fitout. Polished concrete floors are a versatile, inexpensive option that’s easy to dress. Furniture with nice upholstery and accessories, as well as some custom artwork, brings some personality to an otherwise minimalist space.

If you want some more ideas, check out our blog on how to make an office space more welcoming.

commercial construction

Speciality commercial construction for Cairns, Longreach and more

Rod Johnstone Group’s speciality commercial construction services North Queensland locations like Cairns, Mackay, and Longreach. But what does ‘speciality’ include, exactly?

It means we have the experience to handle certain types of projects, and handle them well. Rod and the team get referrals for commercial construction projects like medical centres, dentists, and veterinarians. We might’ve had a hand in building a bakery and gym, as well.

With any commercial construction assignment that comes our way, we sit with the client to better understand what they need. We then contact the relevant contractors that specialise in the client’s niche, whether they’re a dentist or a vet. Next is the on-site visit, followed by the design process and the final quote. Once the client agrees to the terms and signs the contract, we waste no time in getting to work.

We appreciate that our clients are mindful about details, and that’s why we encourage them to have a say during the whole process. Client input is valuable because it means we know we’re going to deliver results they’ll be happy with. No two health care centres, vet clinics, or dentists are the same, after all.

Special care is put in to make sure that building codes are up to scratch, as well as hygiene standards. Clients have access to our extensive network that includes site inspectors specialising in medical offices, interior designers who create blueprints just for vets, and more.

For all our specialised commercial construction projects, we manage the build from beginning to end. We act as site inspectors, submit plans and tenders for approval, and handle the budgets. Fixed priced contracts means no extra costs, unless the client changes their mind or something unforeseen happens.

So why is the Rod Johnstone Group right for your speciality project? Well:

  • We’re a member of the Master Builders Association.
  • We’ve won Housing and Construction Awards for regional and State categories; four years in a row.
  • Like all master builders, our projects (and therefore your investment) are protected by insurance.
  • And if you’ve seen our portfolio, you know we’ve handled builds like yours plenty of times before.